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That thing of beating death AYRTON SEEMS TO GET IT

That thing of beating death AYRTON SEEMS TO GET IT
(When four years of an absence that is a lie use up)

The breach is wider, now it's almost four years.
On the way to the 1500 days, without knowing what happened.
The steering bar tuned and with fails? The treacherous wall of a curve that shame placed aside, distorting the continent so that the protests don't gather volume? The car very low, bouncing against the unevenness of the floor that the most refined and skilled of the critics seem not to notice*, because that floor is in Italy?
At least I warn that going to the 1500 days without answer, will we have it sometime?- doesn't commit the vileness of dedicated to a supposed failure of Ayrton, going off the track, Ayrton, between the two sides that discuss causes, authorship or unreasonableness, doesn't see himself hurt for any criticism as used to have them in other time.
It's like when renewing the calendar, a great majority have agreed that in the case of Ayrton Senna's death, Ayrton isn't involved.
He's beyond his own death. As if his death were of someone else.
A new phenomenon that this unforgettable boy gets in spite of his regret, he came to put a double hinge to the history of F1 itself.
Firstly, dedicating himself to racing until his arrive and after it because racing were no longer the same thing as before, who doubts it?
Later, with the absurd disappearance that not even the most harsh Italian criminal attorneys could unravel, as overwhelmed for the weigh of the figure that seems not to have died. Because every day, paradoxically, have to dedicate to it while the bulky legal texts of investigations, analysis, forensics, tests and testimonies (some of them with double speech) that include a viscose fog where the suspicion is a despotic key, grows every time more.
In the shade of almost 1500 days without a definitive sentence for real, when spoken about the great disgrace without name him, I wonder: Ayrton is dead?
I don't think so.
The boy that went to drive with Fangio in the skies must smile for this new joke that as all his stuff, relates him almost to his regret.
Because, actually, it seems that Ayrton Senna hasn't died, isn't it?


* In Spanish it was used the word Reparar: which it has a double meaning here.
1. To repair something.
2. To notice something.

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