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What is good for to be decent in this country?

I was to write about something else, about something related, but not that much... Something more general and not a part so close to me. But reality pushed me to wonder this question, and I want to know if there's anybody around that has the answer and tells me.

As you can see due to the image I chose as my Gravatar I'm citizen and resident of the Argentine Republic, specifically of the city of Buenos Aires. Born and grew up from Buenos Aires, but there are worse defects.
Somebody can answer me now, before I tell the reason of my question, what is good for to be decent in this country?

Question came up some months ago. But the shambles started a year more or less.
After we have lived for almost 30 years in a flat at the downtown of the city, tired of paying the eternal cancer of the maintenance fees and that we were continuously annoyed by the homeowners administrator that queued to defraud the owners of the building (if even we lived a year without gas, which means without heating nor hot water...) in a city where nobody controls the actions of the managers, we decided to move three years ago to a house, in a neighborhood so much quiet without much traffic and noise.
And so a year approximately we wanted to make a remodeling at home for me and my brother could live each one in a separated bedroom (yes, although you don't believe it I'm 32 and my brother 28 we still share the bedroom due to space's lack). We spent a mountain of money - that we have saved among all during the year and a half that we lived here - to buy building materials, sanitary wares, floating floors, ceramics, paints and those indoor things. We consult between the neighbors that were repairing their homes if they knew some building worker that could pass a budget that we could reach.
So they recommended a Peruvian mason that was working in a neighbor house and he was who passed the budget more affordable for us. Sadly later we discover much too late that this individual was what my friend calls "a re-good person" (this translated for whom doesn't understand sarcasm means a reverend son of a bad mother).
That was how in 5 months that he was in our house, what he did more than anything was destroy it. Bent walls and badly builded, ceilings with leaks that make rooms previously dry getting now wet everytime it rains, drains wrongly placed and pipes blocked that prevented for another 2 months that we had the enough water pressure to make the water-heater turn on. A beauty un-work!!
If that wasn't enough, this character permanently disobeyed to what my mom asked to do (my mom is the owner of the house, and who was paying to this so-and-so) and had the nerve to insult and offend her. Conclusion, we decided as a family that this germ must disappear from our home before finished getting it ill completely. It was so that we told him to leave, to disappear from our house, to take all the junks that belonged to him away and to not come back any more. That the repairs were suspended and consequently we were not going to pay anything more... even when still hadn't reached the budget total he had passed to us.
To complete the "good person" of this guy, he kept coming home to ask the payment of the rest of what he already had "worked". These were the corrections we asked to do - after we realise that everything was done wrong and had disobeyed systematically to what my mother asked - to the animalities he built (or should I say destroyed) at home. That is, the very crook wanted to charge us for correct his wrongdoing... as if we had paid originally to do the construction wrong. A work of art "good person", isn't he?

We thought that there had ended our rough time, and we decided to get our accounts up-to-date to continue with the building work. Since now our financial situation had changed radically at the end of last year. We had a construction bad done that we should correct to be able to continue with the buildings (that means more expenses than what had cost the original work if it were done correctly) and a loan that we had asked the bank to afford the complete budget. That is, we were financially quite a lot worse than before and on top of that with a work badly done.
Was then, when started to come home some summons letters signed by an individual that is completely unknown for us that we never saw in our lives, we don't have the slightest idea who is it, asking the payment of a promissory note that he has in his hands with my father's signature.
Firstly we were surprised and as we don't know this swine we didn't take notice to the first of those letters... but they kept coming. And as we never had any legal problem, and were always people that fulfill our obligations we had to start to look for a lawyer since we didn't have anyone known to explain/help us understand and advise what was this situation.
So we discovered that this Peruvian "good person" had handed the promissory note that my father had signed in good faith at the beginning of the work - when we still thought he was bricklayer and not a rotter - to a third party that we completely don't know and we also don't know what kind of relationship they have among them.
Echoing the executive-order number 5.965/63 we answered the summons letters before the legal protection and believing that our honesty was enough... How wrong we were!!

In the couple of months following the court holidays we didn't have major news, until the end of May when a salary garnishment notification came. Well yes, it results that the unknown has a lawyer's brother that has got a commercial judge to attach a garnishment of a percentage of my father's salary. So that is, with the judicial decree signed and approved by the judge we don't have another choice, but to fulfil the law... no more, no less than what we have always done.
Recently a friend told me a joke, about a person that goes to a job interview where after listen the slavery conditions the employer offered, this questioned if the applicant had a question to what the candidate replied asking if they gave kisses. In the view of the astonishment face of the employer, the applicant replied: "Yes, because I like to have kisses when fuck me dry and standing."
Well that's the feeling I have currently. What is good for to be decent in this country? If later any bum takes advantage of your good behave. What is good for to be decent in this country? If later you have the vultures for commission on duty, waiting to charge their riffraff. What is good for to be decent in this country? If you're the dumb that ends suffering the harassment of the smooth operators that surround us. What is good for to be decent in this country? If it seems that taking advantage of the other make things getting faster and with the "justice" support. What is good for to be decent in this country? If it always ends with them getting the finger standing, dry and without kisses where usually should come out the shit.

And now that you know the cause of why this question come up in my mind, I ask you please if there's anybody that could answer me: What is good for to be decent in this country?.
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