miércoles, 26 de mayo de 2010


Bicentennial. 200 Years of history... isn't it nothing?
We composed more than 200 musical scores.
We have entertained a lot.
We built more than 200 thousand schools.
We traveled great distances.
We keep on betting on investigation.
We have 200 big companies.
We sent satellites to the space.
We want to eliminate hunger.
We know that work dignifies.
More than 200 public hospitals take care of us.
We fight against discrimination.
We hope to urbanize the shantytowns.
We demand more safety.
We turn the light on.
There are more than 200 enterprises on the Stock Exchange.
We dream new projects every day.
We continue to receiving immigrants.
We oppose to wars.
We have more than 200 thousand cities.
Our beliefs prompt us.

Bicentennial. 200 Years of history.
We are weathers, theaters and soccer balls.
We are learning, feeding and smiling.
We love our products, environment and our scenery.
We salute our traditions, our resources and our progress.
We have instruments, more than 200 peculiarities and development.
We gather artillery, freedom and spirituality.
We give energy, medicines and maths.
We say illustrations, values, discoveries and frontiers.
We bring documentation, experiences and test tubes.
We know about farming, the third sector, armed forces and repression.
We see reforms, connectivity and re-vindications.
We can cope with heavy machinery, budgets, bacterias and politics.
We want rituals, opportunities and school dust-coats.
We worth more than 200 clubs, more than 200 thousand particles and more than 200 million suits.
We laugh with pleasure, with the electorate, in the labs and with the cooperatives.
Bicentennial. 200 years of history... isn't it nothing?
We train at the gyms.
We like to dress in fashion.
We recovered a fleet of 200 planes.
We admire our teachers.
Wherever we plant, our fertile soil will sprout.
We discovered and combat viruses.
We use more than 200 million tools.
We invented robots.
We carry on with our entrepreneur ability.
We abolish slavery almost 200 years ago.
We are polite.
We search the identity of more than 200 kids born in captivity.
We fight against addictions.
We want to go on in democracy.
We better our infrastructure each day.
We don't forget about hyperinflation.
Neither we lose hope.
We keep on learning to be diplomatic.
We don't need to camouflage.
And we continue migrating.

Bicentennial. 200 Years of history.
We make movies, athletics, creativity and outings.
We give money notes, potable water and vaccines.
We gather 200 thousand foreigners, commandments, decisions and lawyers.
We have transportation facilities, labor unions and diversity.
We salute the production, credibility, design and prevention.
We love ships, constitution and the world.
We are exporting, sharing up, foreseeing and preaching the Gospel.
We are future, integration, military workshops and actors.
We laugh of leisure, with the kids and of the country risk.
We worth the effort, the strategies, the potentialities and the corn harvest.
We say hygiene, trade and social order.
We want satisfaction, suppliers, rights and consumption.
We bring dances, originality and scholarships.
We know about racism, contacts, syringes and amulets.
We can experiment, get more than 200 results and fishing.
We see art, poverty, bidding and corporations.

Bicentennial. 200 Years of history... isn't it nothing?
We are proud of our talents.
And we are competitive.
With firm ideas, we are idealist.
We have more than 200 dazzling landscapes.
We always bet to a greater growth.
We protect our natural resources.
We transform ourself in an information technology pole.
We produce more than 200 tons of raw materials.
We aspire to better salaries.
We propose a real inclusion of all.
We reject any type of skin or religion diferences, etc.
We want our well-being.
We promess to respect legality.
We keep on building more than 200 thousand kilometers of roads.
We won't hypothecate our patrimony again.
We organize our investments betters.
We want to have more than 200 million friends.
We disapprove any type of attack.
We should preserve our biodiversity.
Our mysticism is sacred.
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