martes, 3 de mayo de 2011

The job of looking for a job...

Sunday was May Day, International Workers Day. Date originally chosen by the Socialist Labor Congress of the Second International at Paris in 1889, as homage and re-vindication of the Martyrs of Chicago... although the very same US doesn't adhere to that celebration and have their Labor Day on the first Monday of September.

There's been more than a year since I'm without a fixed and stable job, the kind of job that appear in national statistics. That is, it's been a year that I'm surviving with temporal tasks, but as they can get me busy more than 1 hour a week, according to the 2010 Census I don't belong to the unemployed percentage...
I get tired to lose my time in job interviews, made by recruiters that doesn't know the value of a word and only learnt to repeat without replication the norm: "We call you back to let you know if you get the position because we know how important it is." A lie biggest than a lunar crater.

The job of looking for a job is much more exhausting that having a job. I get tired to beg for underpaid opportunities, with eternal schedule availability and far away of what interests me or I like.
I get tired to studding from memory always the same prose that is the only one that recruiters are trained to hear and it opens magically the employment door. I get tired to automatize my spontaneity to reply what they need and not what I want.
The job of looking for a job is worse that passing by the interrogatory of your boyfriend's mother. The scrutiny of the Resume details is more fake than a count of votes in an official election. And then is pitiful that in many cases there's no other choice left than leave out or exaggerate things to be able to get a minimum chance to access the interview... with the recruiter that will ask inconsistencies without logic only to "break the ice" before the psychological test (because you have to say it in English that seems more literate than saying examen) or be compelled to draw a person under the rain using an umbrella.

I have heard such absurd replies like: you're over prepared to this position. What? Would be that they are looking for more ignorant or manageable people? Other typical answer is: You did well the questionnaire - that can take 2 hours and a half - but you don't fit the profile. Once I come up with the idea of asking the recruiter that seemed just graduated from high school, what's the profile you're looking for? And the reply gave me a lesson: Never challenge a recruiter intelligence, nor try to express any originality because as Ernesto Sábato said: "To be original is in a certain way reveal the others trashiness"...

The job of looking for a job doesn't know any holidays, days off nor weekends. Doesn't have any fixed schedule, nor permanent office. It demands hours availability for possible interviews from Monday at 9 AM, to Thursdays at 20:30 PM. Nobody cares if one has previous appointments or if you study on that hours. It urges transport availability of some 50km roundabout from San Isidro to Adrogué or from Quilmes to Ramos Mejía. Nobody cares if one doesn't have mobility or has to spend some cost to travel.

From my last stable job more than a year ago, I got other important lesson: never be more honest than your own boss... I have been betrayed, lied and harassed. I get tired to listen to "job offers" in exchange of doing personal favors, resolve private problems or hide the skeletons in the cupboard.
In this job of looking for a job most of the time I feel unwell to be very honest, intelligent or look for my personal progress without the minimal intention to stomping nobody head, it seemed like I'm an extraterrestrial for deciding to behave with decency, loyalty or transparency.
I think it's much to difficult for someone to make any valuable progress without the intention to be a better person within values that include the progress of all others. In other words, for me we all progress together or nobody progress at all. I also think that is always a way of progress to increase my knowledge and skills, for me life is like a learning classroom where all the experiences are like lessons that are useful to get better and, therefore, progress.

I'm not convinced that the most important thing in a job is to get prosperity, for me money is only enjoyable when it comes as a reward to the effort or talent, but not the main and only objective when looking for a job. There are other wages that can't keep in the wallet, as for example; time. There's no amount of money, there's no salary that can buy me a couple of hours.
Currently, as I can't get a stable job, my priority is to continue studding at the university the career of Portuguese Translation. So my job searching reduces considerably if I look for a part-time job. Although I explain and over-explain to the automate recruiters that I don't care if the salary is lesser, it seems that I talk in Sanskrit or some dead language. Is it so hard to understand that can't get back lost time by paying, while we all know that money comes and goes??

I like to write, I hope that whom keep on reading until this point have already perceived, and I would be highly interesting in a stable job where I could take advantage of this ability (or as current fashion says: skill), I have higher education studies in copywriting and now I'm complementing them with knowledge of grammar and spelling in Spanish, besides being bilingual in Portuguese and have senior level of English.

I don't care to collect riches, nor the worthless and temporal prosperity because I don't want only money, nor fill my pockets with things that won't offer me consolation when being betrayed or needed to defend my dignity.
I want to be cherished for my work and that my work be respected, I want to set a difference for the others and not to make an economical difference for me, I want to share the talents that God gave me and not take any advantage of them.
I want my job to ennoble my life and appraise the ones that lives around me.

I'm special and I'm not afraid to be myself, and set any difference with the rest... hopefully soon will appear someone brave that share my common progress, justice and dignity ideas to offer me a decent and permanent job, I'm available to work. Thanks!
Meanwhile, I'll keep on looking.
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