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Ayrton Senna First F1 race anniversary

A few days ago - March 25th to be accurate - marked 25 years since my beloved Ayrton Senna debuted in Formula 1.
Also this month of March has the date (on March 21st) that would have been his birthday number 49 and the first win in a Formula Ford 1600 car at Brands Hatch, 28 years ago... God it has passed quite time, and every day I miss him a little more!

So I'm going to copy a little piece of one of the many books I have (the ones that are in a language that I can understand and read...) about that race that happened in that remembered track Jacarepaguá.
The book I'm talking about is "Ayrton Senna - His Full Car Racing Record" from Christopher Hilton, wrote in 1995, with the ISBN number: 1-85260-543-X so you can search it and the number of the Library of Congress catalog card is: 95-79119. It was edited by Haynes Publishing in London. The extract I'm copying is from the Chapter 4 - Toleman, from the page 53.

Brazil, Rio, 25 March 1984
Qualifying: 1:36.867 (21); 1:33.525 (17). Row 8
Pole: de Angelis 1:28.392
Race wheather: hot, dry.
Warm-up: 1:39.746 (12)
Result: Retired after 8 laps, turbo.

It began modestly, almost flawed, this problematic and intensively complex journey towards mastering Formula 1. Senna could cope with the Toleman in all its aspects but in qualifying he met a problem he could not control. Sustained speed chewed chunks of tread from the Pirellis and if you cannot deal in sustained speed what can you deal in? That partially modified his delight at making his F1 debut in Brazil and, by a pragmatic organisation of his entry passes, he enabled his family to have access to the pits. That shared the delight. He qualified as well as he could, not good, not bad. Truly, modestly.
A brief race, a vignette easily unseen. He gained four places in the opening lap and, for the record, this opening lap of so many lasted one minute 51.452 seconds. What he achieved pointed towards the future as it confirmed the present, but under the sheer pace he fell away: fourteenth on laps 2 and 3, fifteenth on 4, 5 and 6, sixteenth on 7 before the turbo choked and he fell into an abyss, twenty-fourth on lap 8. In the race history of Senna, this represented something - and nothing.

Podium: Prost, Rosberg, de Angelis
Fastest Lap: Prost 1:36.499
Senna: 1:42.286
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