sábado, 26 de diciembre de 2009

Violence's defenseless hostages

Until when we're gonna keep on watching the same news? Until the shot by some "taffer kid" were us?? The governing seems not to worry for the silent civil war that happens in Buenos Aires, for them the espionage is more important... and meanwhile we keep on living behind railings and the murders go armed and free.

Every day we breakfast, lunch and dinner with similar or with the same contents news: robberies that ended in murder because the victim resisted; families mug when the thieves entered in their homes "going with" some of its members; security cameras tapes in stores armed robbery; shoot-outs between the police and criminals; people murdered at cold blood by teenagers that have long files, and situations like that.

Seems like 13 or 14 year old kids that have more Pa.Co than blood running through their veins are playing minesweeper (did you see that game of Windows?) with decent people that seemed like if they were guilty because they have to live behind railings, with alarm and a security cabin in the corner... almost like in a jail. Meanwhile the sharp kids that get a gun like if they buy a candy go in and out of the juvenile detention centers as if they were riding in a merry-go-round.
Meanwhile governing pull our legs, laugh in our face talking that what we live and experienced daily isn't more than just a "unsafe sensation" telling us liars in an implied way... while they live surrounded by guards and body-guards that protect them.

When the responsible of take care its citizens will do something? When there were no more citizens left to rob?? What are they waiting to protect the ones who pay their taxes? That the people decide to live more calm in other place??

We organize marches with candles or torch, we agree to watch us out each other even when it's a task that doesn't concern to us, we care one to each other... but it doesn't enough. Isn't enough if the police can't act with brats unimpeachable that know every secret of the juvenile detention center, isn't enough if the judges doesn't have the common sense to give laws that correspond, isn't enough if governing look away to other things that report best intere$$$t.

I don't like this thing of living with fear, mistrusting of any stranger that comes close or having to thank the taffer that they only steal without hurting or killing me.

We ask the responsible please, to whom we choose to represent us that do something, but do it now... because we can't keep on waiting.
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