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We have plenty of ways to help Haiti

I write so many things that in a way or another have to do with my way to see the world: my passion for motor sport, my sensations as citizen, my feelings in poems; that perhaps it turns to be kind of selfish...
Usually what moves me to write is what I see on television, the reality that I experience or the emotions that I feel. Haiti's thing hurts me, seems incredible and scares me. It hurts me to see the despair of people killing each other - literally - for food, as going back to the cavern's pre-historic times. It seems incredible that could happen such an awful tragedy in such advanced time, where in some countries millionaire people bluff about being able to travel to the moon. It scares me that if we continue torturing our planet earth, we'll keep on suffering the consequences.

Sadly I'm far away to help personally, without telling my lack of medical or rescue knowledge, but technology helped me to feel a little more useful giving. And I thought I could reuse that technology to make others feel happy by doing a good act.
Here I try to compile all the information I could find on the web about help to Haiti from serious and well-known organizations, for we all could help each other and help ourselves feel good.

* There are several of my friends in Facebook that have posted this in their status: American Airlines will take any doctor or nurse to Haiti without charge, call to: +1 212-697-9767.

* Organization Médecins Sans Frontieres / Doctors Without Borders has been working from several years in Haiti ask not to send medications, don't send food, nor blankets because Port Princess airport is blocked and donations don't arrive in good condition to there.
* Médicos Sin Fronteras Argentina has this direct link:
* Médicos Sin Fronteras España has this link:
* Médicos Sem Fronteiras Brasil has this link:
* Médecins Sans Frontieres Canada has this link:
* Medici Senza Frontiere Italia has this link: (Many thanks to Laura Imondi)
* Médecins Sans Frontieres / Doctors Without Borders international site offers this way of donation:

* Red Cross is another organization that is managing help:
Cruz Roja Argentina offers information to receive donatives in this link:
* Cruz Roja Española informs about ways to receive donations in this link:,12337565&_dad=portal30&_schema=PORTAL30
* International Red Cross ask help from this link:

* International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement accepts donations in this link:

* Unicef also has mobilized worldwide.
* Unicef Argentina allows to donate from this page:
* Unicef España gives the chance from this page:
* Unicef Brasil allows to make donations from this page:
* Unicef International offers the possibility to give from this page:
* Unicef United States ask donatives from this page:

* Pan American Health Organization also receives donations here:

* Organization of American States also receives help:

* Pan American Development Fundation opened this web site:

* Caritas is other organization that is coordinate help:
* Caritas Argentina:
* Caritas España:
* Caritas Brasileira:
* Caritas International:

* Yele Haiti Foundation (established by Wyclef Jean Foundation) has this direct link for donations:

* In this link there's information provided by Haiti's Embassy at Buenos Aires:

* Google International has created this page with information to be supportive:

* MSNBC also has published a page with many options to show our solidarity:

* Daily News newspaper also contribute with data in his page:

* Many pages were created to collect help:
* Help Haiti:
* Collaborate with Haiti:
* Hollywood United For Haiti:
* Help Haiti Now:

As you see, we have plenty of ways to help Haiti, it's just needed to be done.
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