viernes, 18 de junio de 2010

{Information + Pluralism} * Creativity = Growth

I was for some time without my computer and using a borrowed one...
Besides missing my ergonomic keyboard and my 17" screen what I missed most were my notes. I don't mean the sticky notes with reminders, but to my texts, my manuscript, my poems, my 'essays' if some man of letters consider my observations could get to be. I missed my information.

They say that XXI century is the information century that the more important value, in addition to the natural resources that fall short, it's the information that each one of us has or could generate. In the first decade of this century we were all witness of how they come to invent false information to allow a State to overthrow a foreign government (Where are the weapons of mass destruction that Saddam stored?), we saw public media inventing news to get more audience and we have known some abuse that have committed to get information "on the anti-terrorist war".
In this first 10 years of the information century we already experienced that it's allowed the "anything goes" as long as getting information. Information that I have and another may want or need...
Likewise I don't have classified information of any inactive cell waiting to attack, I want to make it clear before falling over me some squad at my house and take me by force to some 'detention center'.

They say that XXI century is the communication century that by means of internet allow us to connect with any person instantly from any point of the planet, and know how he/she is dressed or 'what's on his/her mind'. We can know information of that person with only Googling his/her name or searched on a social network, what can open a lot of doors or close huge opportunities... not to count the dangers that can generate to us. What's more dangerous? To someone known my email address (that we all worry to secure with sophisticated passwords) or that I tell voluntarily to the world that I think that no religion is example of moral and ethics? And I really believe so - another 'discursive' story related with massive and individualism.
In this first 10 years of the century the gurus have taught about the Web 2.0 what makes us not only witness of information, but creators of it. Thanks to the new social participation we have acquired a new grade scale: we are users. We can escalate the Chaos theory - Remember? that one that says: "the flutter of a butterfly in San Francisco could cause an earthquake in Hong-Kong" - and make it reality until unexpected levels... Or isn't this the Viral Marketing?

This value reached by information, wouldn't be such if we all have the same ability to generate information. If we all access to some unique source of information, this would turn massive and nobody would know anything different... it wouldn't be necessary to torture the enemy in the name of "national security" like neither we would need passwords to log in our profiles in a social network. We would be all informed in homogeneous way, we would all access to the same knowledge, but would all process information in the same way? I don't think so.
This is the power of information. Isn't information itself, but how our individuality could transform that information in an asset that differentiate one from each other.
And I realise that I missed that... MY information. Those texts, manuscripts, poems that only I can create with the information that absorb from reality sieved through my experiences or livings.

And this meditation made me think that doesn't exist no Media Law that could compel us to stop using the judgment or forget to think by ourselves.
That volatility with what opinions are tried to get divided with confrontation doesn't mean that we are obliged to listen only one bell not having to split in Solomon style between absolutism.
Journalist is an exercise of common sense and plurality doesn't understand of censorship... no matter who practice if "Public Television" or the "Monopoly".

Hope this won't happen...not soon not ever. I would love it doesn't happen now in other places of the world (I'm a dreamer Lennon style). Hope we be responsible for the new 'users', 'twitters' or 'bloggers' role, for the new status of 'informers' that this century of the instant communication has given us, and we know to defend this freedom without it means that "anything goes" so long as we keep information's plurality.
Finally, on a more personal level I would love to transform this individual talent of mine that no one can replace not do in my name, in a source of incomes... (as I do also believe in the attraction law, I hope this could be notice in this log and bring that opportunity in).
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