viernes, 31 de diciembre de 2010

And keep on dreaming until your dreams come true

Happily it seems that my creative inspiration has returned hand in hand with my last night dreams.

As a good dreamer and in searching state, born and reflourishment, I keep having these beautiful positive dreams.

This time I dreamt that I was over a tree and between its green leaves I could see the tree trunk with little square woods across perpendicularly like steps to climb up.
In the grass, leaned against the tree there was a beautiful baby with his complete layette laughing joyfully.
And when I thought I was on the tree-cop watching all this, I turned out that actually I was leaning out of a window from heaven above.

So, dream with a tree is something positive in the material ground, it's a symbol of protection, if it is leafy like in my dream it's a signal of satisfactions, health and joy around me. Also, it can represent the protection of a friend and the more stronger and robust the more it will protect.
Dream with a tree in a season like summer or spring announce new hopes, growth, wishes, strength, stability, love and friendship. It represents the person that is focused on her/his own development. When it's abundant with green leaves, it announces profits. And if we're climbed up of a tree it's omen that we'll get the goals of our career and we'll reach a high place in society, having honors and fortune.

The height is another positive factor, the higher the height the greater the success reaching the goals or objectives.

The little square woods also are an images of bonanza, wealth and satisfactions. It symbols the input material, the spirituality and the vital energy. Presage prosperity and calmness. Indicates the need to start again, to re-start all over, to rebuild and reorganize my life.

A width and thick tree trunk as the one I dreamt means that I'm a strong, robust and lasting person.
And it's also a phallic symbol... Good grief!
A trunk also represents old memories, ideals, hopes and emotions, the roots we have and that help us grow, and means an inner sensation of well-being and strong personality.

A baby in a dream is like activate creativity, it means that soon will start a new business or that my abilities will get recognition.
Baby's innocence represents nice beginnings full of warmth, and also are a reflection that in my interior I still keep something pure and 100% incorruptible.
Besides it's a sign of home happiness.

The layette also predicts happiness.

If the window is open it represents the new hopes and the brilliant possibilities that will show up to me in the future. If it's square and big like the one of my dream it means a projection on material grounds at long-term and if the things we saw through it are pleasant it means that those hopes and possibilities will turn into reality in the near future.

This bubbling joy don't hold back, this sincere hope don't disappear and this firm march don't stop.
Everything is possible, only have to be courageous and tenacious.
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