domingo, 15 de mayo de 2011

Be a beggar at Argentina, A BIG BUSINESS!!!

This email was sent to me by one website where I have loaded my Resume to look for a job... How is falling down much to quickly the Argentina where my great grandparents came to work. So sad, as soon as I finish my studies I clear off this garbage dump and go to live in a country, any serious country.

A TRAFFIC LIGHT changes its state, in average, every 30 seconds (30 seconds in red and 30 seconds in green). Hence, for every minute, a beggar has 30 seconds of useful time to get to invoice a minimal of $1.
With this schema, in 1 working hour he will collect: 60 minutes x $1/minute = $60/hour. If the beggar works 8 hours per day, resting on Sundays, it will get 25 days per month average, which gives an invoice of: 25 days/month x 8 hours/day x $60/hour = $12000/month. Is that this count is absurd?

(Surely we all have anyone we know that has a 12k salary per month, with no studies not working as manager nor director, isn't it?...)

People that collaborate not always give just $1... Sometimes they give $2 and the more generous I've seen giving until $5. Although let's be moderate and assuming that actually de beggar just collects half of the initial count, which means: $30/hour. Doing the counts again we will have a final value of $6.000/month. Working 48 nominal hours per week, and still having to go on Sundays to solve the maintenance's mess (I don't want to analyze the case of teachers, professors, nurses, but you can do it).
This way, when a beggar gets a $5 buck (which isn't strange at all...) he can rest quietly under a tree for the next 5 traffic light changes and without any boss to control him due to this rest in the middle of his working day. But until here all is theory...
Now let's go to the real world: with these data at hand, I went to interview a woman that asks for alms and that always goes to a bar to change her coins. I asked her how much she invoice per day. Do you know what she replied to me? Well the initial count was very close: an average of $450 to $600 daily...!!!!!! With this, there's a monthly income of: (25 days/month x $450/day) $11.250/month or (25 days/month x $600/day) = $15.000/month. The average is: $13.125/month!!!!
And even worse, people... she told me that never works not even close to 8 hours daily. Strengthen to be a good beggar... Ask for alms is more lucrative than work.

(Very clear the last sentence, right?... and this without counting the several plans to participate in political marches or doing campaign for such and such candidate.)

There has to be remembered that when the traffic light is green on one side, is red for the other, and the beggar can scrounge to the street that passes across. This gives him 120 red traffic lights per hour. But you have to consider that the poor guy 'works' outdoors, as most construction workers do, the trash collectors - that also carry packages and run behind the truck - and many policemen, mailmen, delivery waiters, messengers, etc., etc...
Thanks for listen a humble worker. Pass this email that isn't a joke, is justice and is up to you to end poverty, not let it multiply and even be responsible for it.

Be generous... help a kid with cancer, a mother that wants to have a child, a human being looking for a job. Or else... become a beggar, I can assure you it will go just very well.
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