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Stars dust

I always said I'm very mystic, always get interested in everything that has to do with astral and spatial. Astrology is a science that I find fascinating, when practiced seriously... I guess that's why I have my mind always flying to the stars.
In that mixture of religion, celestial bodies and psychology there are too many subjectives. Therefore, is so easy that anybody can set their own business and deceive a lot of people.
Zodiac name comes from the Greek word Zoon that means animal because since very old times the men were fascinated by the study of stars. Each one of the constellations to which refers each sign, also has its etymological origin.
Come, see and find your sign and its stellar characteristics. Welcome to this star trek:

Cardinal signs start with weather seasons: are signs of activity, movement, energy, vitality and body or physical action. Represent the ability to start a new process, take the lead, fly away from the risk, give shape to things and explore unknown terrain. They have initiative, innovation, boldness, daring, ambitious, push, creativity and fast action. They stand out for the pioneer and uplifting work. Their defects are: lack of perseverance or patience and rush. They must care of not underestimate their strengths.
From the medical point of view they act over temper, person constitution and diseases evolution. They stand out for temperature variations, fast cures, frequent setbacks and serious illness.
Fixed signs start when weather seasons secure and stabilize: are signs of stability, firmness, willing, constancy, strong emotions, patience, aversion to changes, resistance, conservation, slow decision and stables feelings. Represent the thinking of the future, the willing to build over what already exists, to organize more efficiently and the value of constancy. They like to go deep, concentrate their strengths in specific aims, preserve the "status quo," act in response to given circumstances and work with the subject they have at hand. Their defects are: routine, spirit narrowness, intolerance, difficulties to changes and lack to adaptability.
From the medical point of view they typify a solid constitution resistant to illness, although if they get sick could take too long to cure and have a lean to get chronic illness.
Mutable signs start with the change and submission of weather seasons: are signs of adjustment, meditation, flexibility, intelligence, mental life, judgment and fair spirit. They react promptly to the changes that happen around them, can replace easily one thing with another, don't have difficulty adapting and integrate to new circumstances and have a wide fan of interests. They need variety, intellectual challenges, changes, renewals and line up their actions with development processes. Their defects are: hesitating, cunning, nervousness, quit easily and imitative spirit.
From the medical point of view they have average resistance, frequent uneasiness, tendency to infection and experience of continuing health ups and downs.

Fire's signs: Fire is a hot and dry element. These are signs of vitality, activity, demonstration, enthusiasm, momentum, ardor, ambition, authority, independence and spontaneity. They apply their energy with all their hearts, their emotional response is quick and have a vivid imagination. Their defects are bad temper, violence, imprudence.
From the medical point of view they represent LIFE, bile, life force, the organs and systems that contribute to the physiological transformation.
Earth's signs: Earth is a cold and dry element. These are signs of strength, practical spirit, pragmatic, cautious, methodical, persevering, detail-oriented and exact. They react calmly and slowly, their dedication is constant and persevering, and their emotions are deeply rooted and they are slow to changes. Their defects are selfish, anxiety and melancholy.
From the medical point of view they represent the SOLID elements of the body, the black bile, the nervous system, the locomotive system, the cells, the tissues and the bones.
Air's sings: Air is a hot and wet element. These are signs of intelligence, study, science, invention, speed, mood and mental vitality. They apply their energy in very diverse ways. They tend to intellectualize their feelings and expectations. Their defects are inconstant, non-fulfillment and indecision.
From the medical point of view they represent the GASEOUS elements of the body, the mutable elements of the organism, the blood vessels and the intercellular spaces.
Water's sings: Water is a cold and wet element. These are psychic, emotional, sentimental, inspired, imaginative, dreamy, novelistic, occultists, mystic, sensitive and superstitious signs. Their imaginative and emotional lives are rich and profound. Their defects are susceptibility, absent-mindedness, self-deception and insecurity.
From the medical point of view they represent the LIQUID elements of the body, the digestive system, the genital system, the serums, the juices, the lymph, the milk, the urine and the blood.

The opposite:
Aries/fire: focus on personal interest -><- Libra/air: focus on shared interest.
Taurus/earth: interested in physical stability -><- Scorpio/water: interested in emotional stability.
Gemini/air: searching of knowledge -><- Sagittarius/fire: searching of wisdom.
Cancer/water: structure of the emotions -><- Capricorn/earth: structure of the physical world.
Leo/fire: belives in personal values -><- Aquarius/air: believes in colective values.
Virgo/earth: practices the self-sacrifice -><- Pisces/water: self-sacrifices emotionaly.
Positive masculine signs: Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius. Sexual energy flows to the exterior.
Negative feminine signs: Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces. Sexual energy flows into the interior.
Energies are complementary and sexuality, compatible.

From the same element:
Aries, Leo and Sagittarius-> Fire.
Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn-> Earth.
Gemini, Libra and Aquarius-> Air.
Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces-> Water.
Freedom lovers signs: Aries, Aquarius, Sagittarius and Gemini.
Faithful signs: Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Capricorn and Scorpio.

Now I will introduce you the more important features of the solar zodiacal signs.
If you want to be completely sure of your solar sign, you can calculate it including an hour and place of birth data from here: http://alabe.com/freechart/
More than one can get a surprise as happened to me. Because I was born on July 22nd, that belongs to the Cancer, but due to schedule and location my Astral Chart says I'm actually Leo. Pay attention!

* Aries = Lamb-> according to the Jason and the Argonauts myth it was the lamb in which Phrixus and Helle traveled to arrive to Colchis, later it became in the Golden Fleece. And with the arrival of Christianism it ended becoming the Lamb of God.
Regent planet: Mars that represents the action. Mars was the Roman god of war. The brighten star is Hamal.
Cardinal Fire sign: Hot, dry, vital, sterile, violent, energetic, quick-tempered, masculine and daytime.
Protector: Archangel Samael. Apostle: Peter. Goddess: Artemis. Fairy Godmother: Queen Paradise.
Color: Red. Stone: Ruby. Metal: Iron.
Anatomy: Rules the head, the skull bones and the face, the upper jaw teeth, the brain, the eyes, the motor muscling and generally all the senses, especially the sight.

* Taurus = Bull-> according to the Greek mythology could be the Cretan Bull or the shape that Zeus adopted when he kidnapped Europe.
Regent planet: Venus that represents feeling, food, clothing and tastes. Venus was the Roman goddess of love. The brighten star is Aldebaran.
Fixed Earth sign: cold, dry, vital, fertile, deform, voiced, of language, feminine and night-time.
Protector: Angel Haniel. Apostle: Simon. Goddess: Aphrodite. Fairy Godmother: Princess Vivian.
Color: Green. Stone: Emerald. Metal: Copper.
Anatomy: Rules the cerebellum, the palate, the lower jawbone, the ears and the hearing, the tongue and the language, the larynx, the glottis, the epiglottis, the pharynx, the vocal cords and the voice, the tonsils, the thyroid, the upper part of the esophagus, the whole throat, the nape and the neck with the seven cervical vertebrae.

* Gemini= Twins-> according to the Greek myth of the Dioscuros, they were the twins Castor and Pollux. Castor was immortal, but not Pollux and when Pollux died Castor offered his own immortality to save him.
Regent planet: Mercury that represents communication. Mercury was the Roman god of commerce. The brighten star is Pollux.
Mutable Air sign: hot, wet, with vitality, moderately fertile, volatile, bicorporeal, masculine and daytime.
Protector: Archangel Gabriel. Apostle: James the Less. Goddess: Athena. Fairy Godmother: Lady Melior.
Color: Yellow. Stone: Agate. Metal: Mercury.
Anatomy: Rules the back, collarbone and shoulder blades, arms, húmerus, ulna and radius, fists and hands, and all the corresponding muscles, as also the pectorals; the whole of the respiratory system, trachea, bronchus and upper ribs. Also it rules the peripheral nervous system, particularly the touch.

* Cancer = Crab-> according to Greek mythology was the crab sent by Hera to help the Lernaean Hydra in her fight against Heracles. But the hero sent it to the Celestial Dome with a kick.
Regent satellite: Moon that represents sensitivity and emotional system. The brighten star is Al Tarf.
Cardinal Water sign: cold, wet, of weak constitution, fertile, mute, deform, bicorporeal, feminine and night-time.
Protector: Guardian Angel. Apostle: Andrew. Goddess: Hestia. Fairy Godmother: Queen Melusine.
Color: White. Stone: Pearl. Metal: Silver.
Anatomy: Rules the lungs, the bust, the chest, the breasts, the ribs, the costal cartilages, the sternum, the intercostal muscles and the diaphragm, the stomach, the liver and the epigastric region. Rules all the digestive system: chyle, chyme, pepsin, gastric juices, saliva and maternal milk.

* Leo = Lion-> according to Greek mythology was Nemean Lion that has the impregnable skinny. Heracles strangled and skinned with his own paws and kept his skin as a souvenir.
Regent star: Sun that represents moral. The brighten star is Regulus.
Fixed Fire sign: hot, dry, with great vitality, feverish, sterile, masculine and daytime.
Protector: Archangel Michael. Apostle: John. Goddess: Demeter. Fairy Godmother: Princess Morgan Le Fay.
Color: Orange. Stone: Diamond. Metal: Gold.
Anatomy: Rules the heart, the aorta, the anterior and posterior coronary arteries, the back and its muscles, the backbone, the spinal cord and the upper nervous centers.

* Virgo = Virgin-> according to Greek mythology was Astraea, daughter of Zeus, the only virgin goddess that carried his father's rays in her arms.
Regent planet: also Mercury that represents communication. Mercury was the Roman god of commerce. The brighten star is Spica.
Mutable Earth sign: cold, dry, with low vitality, little feverish, volatile, feminine and night-time.
Protector: Archangel Rafael. Apostle: Philip. Goddess: Persephone. Fairy Godmother: Lady Urgania.
Color: brown. Stone: Topaz. Metal: Mercury.
Anatomy: The belly, the abdomen, the intestines, the appendix, the womb, the gall bladder, the spleen, the peritoneum and the nervous system or sympathetic. Represents the food's transformation.

* Libra = Scales-> according to Greek mythology was Dike, also daughter of Zeus, goddess of justice.
Regent planet: also Venus that represents the feeling, the food, the clothing and tastes. Venus was the Roman goddess of love. The brighten star is Beta Librae.
Cardinal Air sign: hot, wet and vital, beautiful, sterile, bicorporeal, violent, masculine and daytime.
Protector: Angel Samael. Apostle: Bartholomew. Goddess: Hera. Fairy Godmother: Holda.
Color: Pink. Stone: Quartz. Metal: Copper.
Anatomy: Rules generally the venous system, the kidneys, the adrenal gland, lumbar region and the urinary system, the internal genital organs and the vasomotor system.

* Scorpio = Scorpion-> according to the Greek mythology was the scorpion that the goddess Artemis sent against the giant huntsman Orion. Orion stepped it and the scorpion stuck its sting. After they both die, Zeus place them in the sky one in front of the other to avoid them to keep on fighting.
Regent satellite: Pluto that represents the transformation ability. Pluto was the Roman god of hell. The brighten star is Antares.
Fixed Water sign: cold, wet, vital, fertile, mute, violent, feminine and night-time.
Protector: Angel Azrael. Apostle: Thomas. Goddess: Persephone. Fairy Godmother: Princess Esterella.
Color: Maroon. Stone: Amethyst. Metal: Plutonium.
Anatomy: Rules the external genital organs and the urinary system, the iliac region, the anus, the nose and the smell. Rules the cells renovation (the menstruation), the liquid excrements: urine, sweat) and the self-defences (white corpuscle), as also the reproduction organs (sperm).

* Sagittarius = Centaur-> according to Greek mythology was the centaur Chiron, a wise physician that tired of be immortal changed his immortality for the salvation of Prometheus.
Regent planet: Jupiter that represents fun. Jupiter was the greatest Roman god. The brighten star is Epsilon Sagittarii.
Mutable Fire sign: hot, dry, with medium vitality, fertility, bicorporeal, masculine and daytime.
Protector: Angel Zadkiel. Apostle: James, son of Zebedee. Goddess: Diana. Fairy Godmother: Lady Glasting.
Color: blue. Stone: turquoise. Metal: Tin.
Anatomy: Rules the airways and the nervous system; the vasomotor system and the arterial system. Masters the hips, the thigh, the sacrum, the coccyx, the iliac bone and the afferents muscles.

* Capricorn = Ram-> according to the Greek myths was the Amalthea ram that breastfed Zeus when his mother Rhea hid him from his father Cronus.
Regent planet: Saturn that represents responsibility. Saturn was the Roman god of agriculture. The brighten star is Deneb Algedi.
Cardinal Earth sign: cold, dry, with low vitality, sterile, wild, violent, deform, feminine and night-time.
Protector: Angel Cassiel. Apostle: Mathew. Goddess: Hera. Fairy Godmother: Queen Mab.
Color: Black. Stone: Onyx. Metal: Lead.
Anatomy: Rules the skeleton, the bones, the hairs, the nails, the skin, the knees, the joints in general, the teeth and the upper part of the face.

* Aquarius = Water Carrier-> according to Greek mythology was Ganymede, prince of Troy who with his extreme beauty became the lover of Zeus.
Regent planet: Uranus that represents the originality, humanity. Uranus was the Greek god of the sky. The brighten star is Beta Aquarii.
Fixed Air sign: hot, wet, of weak constitution, sterile, violent, human, bicorporeal, masculine and daytime.
Protector: Archangel Uriel. Apostle: Jude Thaddaeus. Goddess: Artemis. Fairy Godmother: Princess Aril.
Color: violet. Stone: Sapphire. Metal: aluminium.
Anatomy: Rules the blood circulation, the backbone and the spinal cord. Masters the marrow related centers, the bone marrow, the nervous system and the legs, between the knees and the feet, calf, tibia and fibula, back of the knee and ankle.

* Pisces = Fish-> according to the Greek mythology were Ares and Aphrodite that adopted a fish shape to flee of the Typhon titan.
Regent planet: Neptune that represents creativity. Neptune was the Roman god of the sea and earthquakes. The brighten star is Eta Piscium.
Mutable Water sign: cold, wet, with low vitality, fertility, mute, volatile, bicorporeal, feminine and night-time.
Protector: Angel Arariel. Apostle: Judas Iscariot. Goddess: Hestia. Fairy Godmother: Lady Selkie.
Color: Light blue. Stone: Aquamarine. Metal: Platinum.
Anatomy: Rules the glandular system, the ganglions, the lymphatic vessels, the lymphoid tissues, the mucus, the intestine, the feet and the pleural serous fluid.

There are also the Ascendant signs.
The Ascendant is the zodiacal sign that finds in the East of the horizon, in the accurate moment of the birth.
It marks personality, the true nature of each sign, our form of show ourselves to the rests and our physical aspect. It shows our inner me world, how we go learning to express to the outside to be seen and recognized, it shows us as we are in ourselves and for ourselves. It models the behaviour, our activity degree and rules over the physical health.
Also it could be mask that we wear to be seen in a certain way.

In these two pages you can calculate the Ascendent for several countries:
* http://www.cafeastrology.com/ascendantcalculator.html
* http://www.astrologycom.com/ascalc.html
Fill it in to the most and don't forget to put the exact location of your birth place, including the city if possible, because the stars position at the moment of the birth ain't seen in the same way in differente places. For example, I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and I'm Leo with Ascendent in Aries... but if I were born in Spain, I would be Leo with Ascendent in Taurus.

And to finish, besides the solar signs, are the moon signs.
The moon is the ruler of our emotions, our Ying energy, our deepest desires, our unconscious, so the moon sign shows the features of our feelings and how we do react by instinct to the situation presented to us.
Unlike the sun that takes 12 months to cover all the Zodiac, the moon cycle is only 28 days, so the pass of the Moon over each sign is barely 2½ days. When a tune with that cycle is established, you acquire greater fluidity and skills to adapt to changing situations.
To calculate the moon sign I recommend this page: http://www.lunarium.co.uk/moonsign/calculator.jsp

Finally if you liked this post and want to know more about your connection with the stars, you can calculate your Astral Chart (roughly... but for free!) in this site: http://www.astrologycom.com/chartcalc.html
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