martes, 27 de enero de 2009

Memories of someone called Joseph B. Jehovah

Joseph B. Jehovah was a small and quiet man, clumsy and defenseless. During years he led a spiritless life going to his monotonous job in his tiny room of a long line of desks.

This condition of the things caused in Joseph serious psychical distortions. But he didn't go crazy. Something worst, he went solipsist. This illness made him believe that he was the only thing that actually existed that all his environment wasn't more than his imagination, and that if he stopped to imagining it would stop existing.

Thus it was as one day, tired of his work, his life and the world, decided to end with all. Started to think in all the desks that surround him, and these ceased to exist. Then, he wanted the entire building to disappear and this vanished completely. Thought in the world and right away saw himself suspended in the vacuum. Finally, he got rid of his body easily, but when he wanted to stop existing, nothing happened.

"So there's a limit for solipsism?" wonder. "Yes", a voice said. "Who are you?"; "The one that created the universe you just make disappear". There was a deep sigh and continued: "And now that you take my place, I can retire to rest in peace and leave you to continue". "But how do I stop existing? That's what I want." "Yes, I know - the voice said. You have to follow the path that I have followed. Create a universe. Wait to someone to believe the same that you have believed and wanted to stop existing. So you could retire and let him to go on. And now, goodbye."

And the voice shut up. Joseph B. Jehovah remained alone in the vacuum, and there was just one thing he could do: created the Skies and the Earth. And took seven days...

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