lunes, 14 de septiembre de 2009

Preamble of our National Constitution

I remember when I was a kid I watched the speeches of that moment's President Raul Alfonsin on television. I don't have exact memory of what he said, but I do remember that was beautiful to see the May Square full of people, I remember I was a child - didn't have more than 10 years old - and feel it was beautiful that people could participate in politics with such fervor.
The words that were told in those speeches I only remember a couple. Those times when from the stage the president asked some doctor to get close to where could have a person with problems and the preamble with which he ended his speeches.
Some six months ago Alfonsin died, and for the surprise of a lot of people a huge multitude went out to say goodbye to him. I suppose that the crowd would be very related with that square full of democratic fervor... what happens is that most of the times we take as natural many daily things, and we forget that in other moments there was to fight for it.
By the way, Alfonsin was named "Father of Democracy", probably because he ended his speeches with the preamble, the lay prayer that starts our National Constitution, that one that was violated during the military takeovers and currently disrespected at all by many political intriguers on duty.

Extracts of Alfonsin's Presidential ascension speech.

“Compatriots: We all begin a new stage of Argentina. We begin a stage that without a doubt will be difficult because we all have the huge responsibility to make sure today and for the times the democracy and respect for man dignity in this Argentine land.

“We know that are hard and difficult moments, but we haven't a single doubt, we are going to start the Argentine, we are going to get ahead, we are going to make the country we deserve. And we are able to do it, not by the grace of visionary rulers, but by this the square is singing because the people united will never be defeated.

“A happy reason wanted that this day in which the Argentines start this stage of 100 years of liberty, peace and democracy, is the Human Rights Day. And we want, consequently, commit ourselves once more: we are going to work categorical and decisively for the man's dignity, who we know has to have freedom, but also justice because the defense of the human rights doesn't exhaust life's preservation, but also in the fight we are decided to battle against the poverty and poorness in our Nation.

“I commit myself again to work with all of you to set the objectives we have made public on all the expanse of the Argentine geography, and make some objectives that the men that gave us nationality introduce as a command that we know now is within our hands reach.

“Among all we are going to build the national joint, strengthen justice, consolidate the inner peace, provide the common defence, promote the general welfare and assure the benefits of freedom for us, for our posterity and for all the men of the world that wants to live in the Argentine soil”.

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