viernes, 11 de marzo de 2011

To live is for the daring people

Meditation about the love happiness dedicated to the Scout Little Chocolate of my love, he's always my inspiration:

We all born naked. We came with nothing, pure and naives and with a huge purpose: learn to find the love happiness.
Can't buy that love happiness and most of the times we get it without notice...

La vida es una aventura valiente o no es nada.
A vida é uma aventura corajosa ou não é nada.
Hellen Keller

To learn to find love happiness isn't an easy task and that's why not everybody finds it. Ones spend their life collecting money because they think that can buy anything, others lost their life worried by things that seem important, but only make use of their time or space, and some pass their life blindfolded, with earplugs and muzzled... Without taking heart to see with attention, without courage to listen with emotion and without braveness to shout with passion.

Hidden like that in the shadows they spend their empty life faraway from the learning of finding the love happiness... and die without nothing important, without purity, without naivety and dressed with fear or shame. They bury their bodies along with the only opportunity they had and wasted to learn to find love happiness.

Please, Chocolated Wild Horse, don't make my heart feel pain while you let passing an existence empty of purpose, don't be afraid within the "I can't" while you pour the only opportunity to really live, don't hurt my soul missing the lessons of the learning to find love happiness TOGETHER.

Pluck up courage to the adventure of living... and I risk along with you because I Love You Very Much.
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