martes, 23 de diciembre de 2008


Please talk to me, where did you get that irresistible magic?
that I can't remain calm when I'm close to you,
because I can't fight against this attraction,
is already unbearable to be unable of avoid being fantasized with you continuously
and I'm left airless for much too sighing.

Tell me, what charm did you throw me?
that I love to fill your body with kisses and caress,
because I like to feel that I have the power to attract you,
I swear that I never imagined you would surprise me so pleasantly
and I think there's no such thing more delicious that share a bed with you.

Explain to me, where do you keep that captivating illusionism?
that it seems to me incredible that something so wonderful could happen
because you're my permanent desire obsession,
and it wins me being able to make smooth your skin tenderly delivered through sweet little massages.

Tell me, when it was that we created this magnetism incredibly unbearable?
that lights me up passionately when I feel that connection such special with you,
because I can't believe that you're so beautiful
nor that it's possible to relax myself that much feeling your body next to me
and it dazzle me that you appear before me, willing to satisfy me.

Talk to me, what kind of spell you make me victim of?
that your look melt me and makes me believe that hell must be colder,
because I'm sure that there isn't anything more attractive that suck you
or captivate me discovering slowly the secrets
and it drives me crazy feeling the movement of your body on top of me.

Please tell me, how did you do to bewitched me under your thumb with much strength?
that I can't resist your presence around me without sharing the same rhythmic breathing,
because I'm convinced that doesn't exist anything more beautiful that touch you
or delight me looking at you crashed until I lost notion of time
and it makes me good when you say to me that you like to be with me.

Explain to me, what strange potion do you use to put me under a spell?
that stands on end my skin having intimacy with you,
because it's red-hot hugging you with my legs while we squeeze tightly close together
besides turning me on with the sound of your voice
and that your lips call me even when doesn't say any word.

Understand me, how can I fight against something that magical?
if I adore when your strong arms catch me from behind and I feel your wet fingers inside me,
because I never could believe that you were going to play like this with me,
I get much amused with the games we play together and I want to play more
and it seduces me that you leave me loaded with more wishes.

It's been so long that I didn't write that I thought I was run out of poetry.
I had no idea that I could dazzle me that much with the possibility of something that
never have occurred me that could happen with someone like you,
it's simply that you weren't in my target.

It's so pleasurably unbearable the arousal of wanting more of you and the desire to offer you all of

that I want to make you smile because I love to see the happiness draw in your face
and because I adore seeing your eyes dancing waltzes.
Because I think of you all day and I dream with you all the nights,
and I get tired of wishing that happens the same to you at least for a microsecond.

You're the inspiration of this catharsis of feelings that
even when I have those penetrated deeply inside me
still can't believe that they really are happening to me...

Copywright © 2008 María Laura Curzi
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