jueves, 12 de febrero de 2009


So cosmically close,
So fascinated as the moon and the sea.

So anatomically electrified.
With so much tension between our concavities and convexities.

So divinely destined,
So passionate like fire and wood.

So irremediably accompanied,
So cheerful as a toast with glasses and bubbles.

So humanly distant,
So blended like an ice on a soft drink.

So hormonally needed,
So wet as the tongue and the mouth.

So geographically similar,
So unified like the egg's yolk and white.

So physically heated,
So attached as the heart and the blood.

So corporally attracted,
So coordinated like the hands and the clock.

So sexually requited,
So sinful as Eve and the apple.

So mentally synchronized,
So warmed like a pizza and the mozzarella.

So feverishly loving,
So romantic as the drops and the rain.

So secretly conditioned,
So imaginative like paper and pencil.

So fiery penetrated,
So committed as the teacher and the pupils.

So emotionally interlaced,
So mixed like Fernet and Coke.

So familiarly separated,
So bloomed as a seed and the soil.

So sentimentally united,
So together like the springs and the shock absorber.

So maritally prohibited,
So pleasant as the fingers and the massages.

So medically problematic,
So rhythmic like the knife and the fork.

So many coincidences and so many things in common,
So many years late,
So much physics and so much chemistry,
So much combustion,
So much wisdom of God...

© 2008 María Laura Curzi

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