domingo, 19 de abril de 2009

As bitch in heat

I had a hot summer... but I'm still a lady that behaves like a queen.
And I take some poetic licences that you will understand I can't explain much.

As bitch in heat with the hot of the summer,
Better to get wet naked with a hose.

As bitch in heat with my bud stimulated
Waiting the entry of your stamen.

As bitch in heat with all the puppies aroused, attracted and
Wanting to screwing me hard, while I give bites.

As bitch in heat longing for you to prick me
With your sugary goad.

As bitch in heat needing to attract you, my macho,
To let you bang me, knowing that you always "be prepared".

As bitch in heat wanting you to touch my buzzers and
Play music with my little bell.

As bitch in heat waiting in my all fours,
For my hot doggy to make me out hard.

As bitch in heat yearning for you to insert your key in my lock,
So we can open the door and go to play.

As bitch in heat asking you to come up on top of me,
To rub me down and massage me softly.

As bitch in heat with my pussy wide open,
For your snake to get in.

As bitch in heat howling for you to ride on me and
Go from the trot to gallop me.

As bitch in heat making my mouth water,
To eat your juicy sausage.

As bitch in heat with the ultimate feverish and
Drooling for your firmness, so upright to copulate me

As bitch in heat missing in my body,
The shots you fire me.

As bitch in heat wishing that you smell me,
This forbidden horniness you generate on me.

As bitch in heat feeling very sow and looking for your flesh,
To nibble it and gasp like a furious reveler.

As bitch in heat, with the honey much syrupy and
Hoping to drink all your milk.

As bitch in heat expecting to knead a huge erection,
To let it friction and not stopping of getting in and out of my spring.

As bitch in heat wanting to rejoice committing sin
Craving for play with your raised lust.

As bitch in heat burning to use the detector of my passions
That you have "be prepared" on your crotch.

As bitch in heat panting in your neck and
Desireing your lecher anatomy very close to me.

As bitch in heat awaiting to squeeze and suck your cobra,
For you to squash it against me and pump me violently

As bitch in heat much to hot with you,
Wanting it all inside me for you to break my ass.

As bitch in heat waiting the menu you would like to offer me,
To satisfy me as a merrymaker with your incandescent steel.

As bitch in heat wishing to do it with you like a panther,
To burst ourselves very tightly together like wild animals.

As bitch in heat dying for the surprise of your package gift-wrapped
To touch, massage and let it opens its way into my wet.

As bitch in heat wanting to lick and blow your mount,
To later seat on your hot saddle.

As bitch in heat you got me.

© Maria Laura Curzi - 2009
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