martes, 17 de noviembre de 2009

Irresistible Intensity

For you silly that you asked me amazed what was what dazzle me of you:

I like to see your textures,
Appeals to me hear your flavours,
I love to smell your contours,
Charms me to touch your sounds...
But not always I can tell you.

I love your look that passes me on so many temperatures,
I love your look that lights me up with so many colours,
I love your look that tells me stories of appealing adventures,
I love your look that touches my body and fills my soul.

But I dislike that from your mouth come words,
That your eyes express that aren't real and
That all your gestural language emitted by your body and
Face proves to me you're lying to me.

Appeals to me sniff your melodies,
I like to brush your lights,
Charms me to look at your aromas,
I love to taste your frameworks...
But not always I can show you.

I love your arms from the tip of the little finger nail
To the curve of your shoulders with your neck.
I love your legs from the tip of the toenail
To the union of each one of them with your paradise.

But I don't like your double speech,
But I dislike when you don't talk to me,
It displease me that you talk about me behind my backs,
It sadden me that you lie.

I love to hear your sparkles,
Charms me to caress your songs,
Appeals to me to savour your freshness,
I like to look at your roughness...
But not always you let me express it.

I love your hands when they touch me discovering me slowly,
I love your fingers when they connect me with your essence,
I love your hands when they impact me in the heart,
I love your fingers when they fondle me pleasantly.

But I dislike your lack of courage to confront me,
But it sadden me that you're more worried for what the others think of you,
For the image you reflect to the rest than to keep on enjoying this
Little of happiness and pleasure.

Charms me to watch your delicacies,
I love to relish your colours,
I like to sense your folds,
Appeals to me to massage your smells...
But not always you let me reveal it.

This intensity of intermingled sensations,
Of witty appearances impossible of hide and
Of delightful frictions explosively soft.
That create to me an intensity of exited and bright feelings,
And that I don't know how to name anymore or with what part of my mind to kiss them,
Are irresistibly created by your beautiful quality of beauty...
That I can't figure it out exactly what it is yet.

And although you ignore me, you wanted to apart me of your present,
I feel it's like a rebound effect that fosters
Doing that my desire for you to increase its intensity
Irresistibly more.

I'm lost between an insatiable maelstrom of desire,
Which I can't find a beginning nor end.
I just understand that it magnetize me toward your anatomy,
Without being able to control it.
And my mind can't decode what is what
My skin is attracted to you so much.

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