domingo, 19 de diciembre de 2010

Dream, dream, dream... never stop dreaming!

There Are Moments

There are moments in life that we feel so much
Missing someone that what we most want
Is to take that person out of our dreams
And hold him/her.

Dream with all you want,
Be what you want to be,
Because you only have one life
And only have one chance
To do that thing you want.

Use all the happiness to make it sweet.
Difficulties to make it strong.
Sadness to make it human,
And hope enough to make it happy.

Happier people
Don't have the better stuffs.
They know how to take advantage of the best
Of the opportunities that appear
In their paths.

Happiness appears to those who cry.
To those who get hurt.
To those that search and always try.
To those that reckon
The value of the people that pass through their lives.

The most brilliant future
It is based on an acutely lived past.
You will only get success in life
When you forgive the mistakes
And the deceptions of the past.

Life is short, but the emotions we can leave behind
Last for all eternity.
Life is no game
Because a nice day you die.

Clarice Lispector

I dreamed with a labyrinth... One of the objects more full of esoteric, spiritual and mythological symbology.
My labyrinth was like those of the Monarchist England of the Middle Ages, of not much tall bushed as to see the twisted way of the other side, but enough to not get jump and avoid any trap.
According to the several dream's interpretation a labyrinth means confusion, disorientation, mess, conflicts, complications, difficulties... created frequently by loves/lovers. I'm trying the forget a forbidden lover, without forgetting the love we consummate and keeping the patience to wait for him until the love stop being impossible.

According to the dream's interpretation a plants, trees or live labyrinth means the meeting of happiness when it wasn't expected, predict unexpected joys and the surprise of prosperity in difficult times when one is desperate.

At the end of my dream I found the labyrinth exit following the origin of the music "All you need is love," by my adored Beatles.
Come upon the exit = find a solution or reply.
Music is always a good omen, presage of happiness and consideration. Harmonic music is presage of prosperity and pleasure and expressing positive emotions...
Also if it is showed to people with spiritual ambitions it's indication of mercy and elevation. This search of sacrifice for love is painful, but it will have its reward.

It already started letting me improvise this post after 4 months of silent drought...

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