domingo, 8 de agosto de 2010

God's errors... ??

Does God make mistakes?
I think that's one of the questions that humanity has asked since the beginning of times and not matter the philosophic trends that are represented or the religions believed, nobody has answered yet.
Usually this question appear before us when a beloved dies, or when something that does good to us ends... A saying that is used to console ourselves in these moments is that "The Lord works in mysterious ways" and we have to trust in a divine plan.
Equally all the fellowman are mortals. We know that we were born and in some time our life will end, the only thing we don't know is when. This, in a rational way, can help us give us comfort; for the Catholic believers there's Ethernal Life and for the believers of other religions there will be incarnation or different spirituals events. Would those be the mysterious ways of the Lord's work?
When something that does good to us ends it's more difficult to find such rational console. We want the things that we like and more when they make good to us, to last forever. But we can't control all and not all depends of our will exclusively, people that surround us also exert their will for good or worse of our wishes.
But I think that there's something that nobody can control and it's time... or moments.
As I said before we know we're going to die, but we don't know when. We don't have the power to control when we will die (except in the suicide cases), as neither we can choose when we want our beloved to do it. If it could be possible we all would wish out relatives to live forever by our side.
Logically it's very different the situation about the events that do well to us. In some cases the things happen to us because we seek them to happen because we do the more we can for them to happen. But not always they happen in the moment we wait for them... they can happen before or after depending not only of our will, but also of the actions of other people.

And what about the unexpected facts? What's on when something that surprises and make us wonder happen to us and also does well to us although we didn't look for it?
Does God make mistakes when unexpected facts happen? It could happen that these surprises make us change our plans, interrupt some search, complicate the events or delay the arrive of that thing that does well to us. Or even could happen that the surprise fact leads to finish that other thing we looked for and made us so well.
Something like that happened to me in this time. And that's why I wonder if God makes mistakes?
I achieved what seemed unreachable, I arrived to where I thought it was impossible, I fulfilled what I have dreamed since a child. I managed to accomplished those dreams that are growing all along with us and that the more time it happens the more important they are. And at the same time this huge dream allowed me to fulfil other couple of smaller dreams that I think they would have been very difficult otherwise... but something unexpected happened.
Appeared before me a person very, very special in my life that I know because I have achieved my dream. What a paradox! If I hadn't fulfilled my dream I couldn't have known this person, but at the same time having known this person destroyed my dream in thousand of little pieces.
As I said human beings can't control the moments. I guess that had I known this person before fulfilled my dream, maybe I hadn't accomplished it never. Or if I had known him a lot later of keeping my dream for a long time it wouldn't hurt so much in my soul that my dream ended so soon.

Would be that God makes mistakes? Would be that Him can't control either the moments where certain situations happen?
I asked myself and can't find an answer. I find that God gave me the possibility to fulfill what I wanted so much, but for a very little short time. The dream I pursue for more than 20 years, I was only able to experience it for only two years.
I wonder and I can't find an answer. This person appears in my life much too early at the beginning of my realization and I appear in his life much too late because he already has a family... and these feelings we share appear in my life for the first time with such deepness and in his life reflourish after many years in the oblivion.
And it happens that my impulsive heart is shattered for the premature ending of my dream and hurt because the motive of that end is this person so special; and at the same time my feelings for him have grown in an exponential way. A truthful knot that my reason can't understand, but my being can't avoid.
Would be that God make mistakes? What do you think?
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